Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Introducing Snagle

A little over a week ago I officially posted snagle , my new 2d/3d engine. Since then I've made quite a bit of progress.

So far the Engine features:

Common Math:
  • 2d Vector
  • 3d Vector
  • 4x4 Matrix
  • Vertex Buffers
  • Vertex Formats
  • Sprites
  • Textures
  • Colors
  • Window setup
  • Keyboard and Mouse Input
  • Timers
I feel it is a good platform to expand upon and the basic foundation is done for the most part. Some things that I feel are needed to make the foundation done are:
  • State Management
  • Resource Management
  • Content System
Once those three features are done then it's only a mater of focusing on common features that most games will use. The biggest issue I have is that I don't know what people want, so I have been focusing on what I would like to see. The biggest reason for this blog post is to get feedback on what people think and shape the direction of it's future.

At this point I want to finish up some of things listed above before I spread the word about the engine too much however I encourage people to look at the wiki, browse through the source code and give feedback. The code is well document and is very presentable, if you don't agree let me know. Sending me feature requests, comments on my code, and general questions about the engine would be quite helpful. I hope to hear some feedback.


  1. Great work, I am doing someting similar, but having the client in Ogre3d/C++ and servers in Erlang. You can check out my stuff at http://www.next-gen.cc.

    Btw, I think Erlang is way better developing servers than Scala. Scala just adds concurrency to Java while Erlang gives you concurrency, distribution and fault-tolerance.

  2. Thanks. Yeah I know erlang is nice for servers but I'm really not that keen on it's syntax and didn't want to learn something completely new at the moment.